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Bare Body Tape Strips

Bare Body Tape Strips

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Tabare now offers pre-cut body tape strips for easy on-the-go solutions or as additional support with our adhesive bras and other body uses.  

Also an excellent option for lifting and shaping the breast and other body imperfections.  Guaranteed to improve your look and confidence in today’s fashions.  Highest quality body tape.  


  • Pre-Cut Strips
  • Stretches 150% 
  • Water, sweat, and make-up resistant
  • Soft and seamless look

Fabric content: 95% cotton and 5% Spandex with Biological adhesive

Also included with each roll:

  • Sample of Prep Skin Protectant Wipes (used prior to using for easy removal and better adhesion to the skin)

Prepping and Removal of the Bare Body Tape: Using the skin protectant wipes prior to use will allow for a less painful removal. The wipes are non-staining and unscented.  You just wipe on the skin where you are planning to wear the Bare Body Tape. When it's time to remove, it will be easier and less painful to remove.  You can also remove it with hot water (during your shower is a great option) if you did not prep before use.  After use, you can easily clean your skin with your regular cleaning routine.  You can also use coconut or olive oil to remove the Bare Body Tape from your skin.

Important Information: To pre-test skin, you can cut a small area of tape and apply to your skin for about two hours and remove it. Discontinue use immediately if you experience any irritation or itchiness during or after the test. Not intended for use on the breast if lactating or breastfeeding. Also, we encourage you to cover the areola and nipple area with nipple covers or a medical bandage before placing the body tape over the breast. We also suggest not wearing it longer than 8 hours to prevent skin irritation from adhesive.

Size: 2.25" x 9.25" each strip

Content: 8 Strips per package

Colors:  Beige or Black

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Also known as Breast Tape, Boob Tape

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