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Butterfly Dots Fashion Tape

Butterfly Dots Fashion Tape

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Tabare Butterfly Dots Double-Sided Fashion Tape

Our double-sided Adhesive Butterfly Dots Fashion Tapes are designed for just the right spot. Recommended for many solutions. Now in a new larger size...

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  • Works great for keeping your bathing suit in place.
  • Keeps your panty or bathing suit bottom from bunching up.
  • Keeps your strapless top from budging
  • Keeps your tube top from falling down

Add a dot here and there. It can fix that annoying rise up or fall down. Dots are perfectly sized at 2 inches for the best control possible.

Package Sizes:

  • 24 Double Sided Butterfly Shape Adhesive Dots
  • 50 Double Sided Butterfly Shape Adhesive Dots

Size: 2" x 2" Dots

Color: Clear (Transparent)

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