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Men Nipple Protectors

Men Nipple Protectors

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Tabare Disposable Nipple Protectors for Men offers less coverage than our standard covers and a thinner, more discreet look preferred by men.    The Disposable Nipple Protectors for Men have a satin-finish that's is thin under shirts and now with a lightly padded center for comfort to the nipple area.  Now also available in three colors!

Great product to use for running and exercising: anti-chafing and anti-friction for comfort. Also a great product to minimize protruding nipples with fitted shirts, cotton shirts  and light fabrics. Very small and discrete size for men.  The protector is a little over 1.6" and the larger size. 

Great for coverage of protection when running or other physical activities. Also prevents nipple protrusion under tight-fitting shirts. Protects your sensitive nipple when exercising, watersports, running and other activities.

Our Mini-Nipple Covers small, thin and effective for covering protruding nipples or to provide coverage during tanning or sun-bathing.  Waterproof, so you can wear them anywhere; at the pool or at the gym.

Men Nipple Protectors are one-time use (non-reusable) and waterproof.

You get 5 pairs of Disposable Nipple Protectors for Men for only $4.50.  Also available in other quantities.

Color: Beige, Light Brown or Transparent

Shape: Round

We also have our Mini Nipple Covers that are over 2" in size if you require something larger.

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