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Push Up Sew In Bra Cups

Push Up Sew In Bra Cups

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Tabare Push Up Bra Cups for the ultimate cleavage enhancement.  

The perfect alternative for wearing a strapless bra is Sew-in bra cups! These cute and sewable bra cups are perfect for strapless and low-back dresses and provide lift and support.


Bra cup can be sewn into any dress with just a needle and thread! Just trim to size and sew around the edge of the cup directly to your garment. If you garment does not have a shell, then you may want to use one of our double-sided tapes instead. The tapes are quick and easy.  If your top is not fitted, you may want to use at least 4 strips or 2 Butterfly Dots per cup.

You can sew in these bra cups with a sewing machine or use the double sided fashion tapes or dots to keep in place. They can be easily trimmed around the edges to fit your specific dress or top. 

Here is a great video on youtube on how to sew in the bra cups with a sewing machine:
Color: Beige
Sizes: A, B, C

One Pair per package

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