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Sassy Straps Multi-Color Hand Weave Bra Straps

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Braza Sassy Straps Multi-Color Hand Weave

Standard Size

Change your straps on bras and tops! Straps to match your attitude and every mood.    


Sassy Straps will work with all strapless and convertible bras that have strap loops or tabs or you can convert any bra with basic elastic straps so it can be used with any Sassy Straps.  You can convert any bra by simply cut off your elastic straps, leaving at least 1 inch of each strap (front and back). Make a loop, sew it and presto, you have a convertible bra!   The Sassy Straps work well with the Braza Wild Card Bandeau Bra. A cool, comfortable bra in many colors available at


Color: As Shown

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