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Upsie Daisie Heavy Hold Clothing Adhesives

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Braza guarantees that Upsie Daisies will hold up any strapless dress!

Another great solution from Braza! Walk, run dance, play in confidence with Upsie Daisie! Keep your clothing in place with easy to use; super strong adhesive peel and stick strips!

Uniquely designed shape keeps all your strapless fashions in place!
Perfect for keeping sleeveless tops in place. Stronger and larger than regular clothing adhesive tape strips.

Adhesive Kit in two sizes: Small 3" Curvy Strips and Large 4" Curvy Strips. Kits also include Skin Preps to clean area prior to adhering the adhesive strips to your skin.

No More Playing Upsie Daisie with your Heavy Weight Formal Attire!

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