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Bra Comfort Pads

Bra Comfort Pads

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Tabare Bra Comfort Pads

Our quality Silicone bra strap pads that provide relief from bra strap pain and discomfort. Our pads are thicker and more comfortable than many other brands on the market. Also, with the flip over design, it prevents bra straps from falling. Relieves discomfort from straining and allows you to adjust your bra straps at a higher setting without the added stress to your shoulders.  Made of 100% hypo-allergenic Silicone.

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  1. Washes easily with mild soap 
  2. Reusable and lasts for an extended period of time 
  3. Can be worn with any bra
  4. Does not irritate the skin

One Pair (2 Pieces) per package. 

Size: One Size

Colors:  Beige or Black

With proper care, the Bra Comfort Pads can last over a year!

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