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Clear Bare Body Tape

Clear Bare Body Tape

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Tabare Clear Bare Body Tapes are one of the best options for lift and comfort.  Our Clear/Transparent body tapes are excellent for lifting and shaping the breast and other body imperfections.    Guaranteed to improve your look and confidence in today’s fashions.  Highest quality body tape in clear for the most invisible look possible.  

•Flexible and Breathable Fabric
•Water, sweat and make-up resistant
•Painless Removal (See instructions)
•Latex-Free, Hypoallergenic

Fabric content: 95% cotton and 5% Spandex with skin-friendly acrylic

Important Information:
To pre-test skin, you can cut a small area of tape and apply it to your skin for about two hours and remove. If difficult to remove, try running area under hot water or use an oil. Discontinue use immediately if you experience any irritation or itchiness during or after the test. Not intended for use on breast if lactating or breastfeeding. Also, we encourage you to cover the areola and nipple area with nipple covers or medical bandage before placing the body tape over the breast.

Removal: safely and comfortably remove with hot water (during your shower is a great option) or by prepping area with an adhesive/skin barrier wipe before applying the tape. You can also use a coconut or olive oil to remove.

Available in two lengths: 16 ft and 30 ft.

Also see our Bare Body Kit that includes everything you need to get started with our Bare Body Tapes.

Also available in Skin Matching Colors Bare Body Tape.

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