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Lace Mini Nipple Covers

Lace Mini Nipple Covers

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TaBare Mini Nipple Covers are now available in a beautiful lace petal shape cover.

Same great value product, with less coverage and now with a sexier look. These little nipple covers are great for teens, women that prefer smaller breast petals. The new Lace Mini Nipple Covers have a light, lace-finish with a soft center for the areola .

Our Lace Mini Nipple Covers are small, thin and effective for covering protruding nipples or to provide coverage during tanning or sun-bathing. Waterproof, so you can wear them anywhere; at the pool or at the gym.

The Lace Mini Nipple Covers are one-time use (non-reusable) and waterproof.

You get 5 pairs of Lace Mini Nipple Covers for only $5.50 or 10 pairs for only $9.00!

Color: Beige Lace or Black Lace

Shape: Petal

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